Barns are an increasingly popular option for both storage and living purposes.

They are often selected due to their aesthetic qualities and although usually more expensive than standard sheds, some economies are achieved by utilising a second or mezzanine story. 

We design and build 2 storey residential barns & habitable barn houses, steel frame barns & country style barns, storage & steel framed barns, horse barns & equestrian sheds, barns with mezzanine floors, plus custom built barns to suit your requirements. We design barns to suit your purposes and to minimize the cost of internal preparation,
lining and fit-out.


Picture a gable shed with a lean to, coming off each side, that is stepped down from the main roof. They are often selected for their aesthetic qualities and the increased floor area that can be achieved, with the inclusion of a mezzanine level, without increasing the footprint of the building. This can be especially important where there are constraints such as a lack of suitable building sites or restricted building envelopes, not to mention the possible savings in reduced site works and concrete. 

The great many options available to personalise your shed are also there for your barn but with the addition of such things as mezzanine floors and open or enclosed balconies. Barns can be constructed in c-section material or stud frame if a fully 'ready to line' dwelling is what you're after.


'Aussie' barns are basically a gable shed with a lean to either side, that comes off the main shed at gutter height. Something along the lines of the typical Australian shearing shed. They are an economical storage solution, if internal columns are not problematic for you.